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Has an executor breached his or her fiduciary duty?

When individuals create their estate plans, they typically name a person to be in charge of the affairs that will need handling after their passing. This person is usually referred to as the executor and will address the final tasks of the estate as it goes through the probate process.

Your loved one may not have named you as the executor of his or her estate, but you did not have a problem with that. However, you do have concerns about how the current executor is handling his or her duties. In fact, you may think that he or she is not acting appropriately.

Trucker fatigue can put everyone on the road at risk

A large truck rumbling down the highway is a common sight, particularly in western Pennsylvania. What many people don’t realize is that injuries caused by truck crashes are on the rise.

Over a recent nine-year period, the number of truck crash injuries jumped 96%, while the number of truck crash fatalities increased by 41%, according to one safety group. In Pennsylvania specifically there were 803 fatalities in crashes that involved a large truck from 2011-15. One of the factors that regularly comes up in these incidents? Fatigue.

What happens to my loved ones if I don’t have a will?

A will is one of the best ways for you to care for your loved ones after your death. If you have not made a will yet, Pennsylvania law determines where your assets go. Certain family members—such as your spouse—will automatically receive a portion of your estate whether you have a plan or not.

But certain family members, specifically children, might not get anything if you don’t have a will. How your children are related to you can affect whether the law allows them a share of your property.

Safe winter driving in Pennsylvania

The winter months mean snowy and icy roads are upon us and as we know, driving on them can be a challenge. Being prepared and knowing what to expect in adverse weather can help create a safer ride and prevent motor vehicle accidents.

Whether you’re an experienced winter driver or new to snow and ice, we can all benefit from reminders about safe winter driving.

Why can’t drivers see motorcycle riders?

One of the first lessons every new rider learns is that automobile drivers don’t easily notice motorcycles on the road. In fact, drivers who make direct eye contact with a motorcycle rider at an intersection still may not realize that the rider is there.

This phenomena has resulted in many motorcycle accidents, which are oftentimes fatal. So what is causing this lapse in judgement and can it be fixed?

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