Providing Representation In Challenging Truck Accident Cases

When most Pennsylvanians think of an 18-wheeler, they think of their size and the sounds they make on the highway. Few realize the sheer mass and size of tractor-trailers can be dangerous for other drivers if they get into an accident with one. Even fewer people realize that accidents involving commercial trucks become uphill legal battles to recover damages.

At Medure Bonner Bellissimo, LLC, our attorneys know exactly what you are facing when you have been in a commercial trucking accident. You do not need to struggle with the challenges the shipping company will place against you on your own. We work to put you on even ground.

Why Truck Accident Cases Are So Complex

Commercial shipping companies are large businesses with the assets to fight a legal challenge in court. They have legal teams that do everything in their power to squash any liability concerns. The opposition on these cases is bent on minimizing their obligation to you.

We will answer their maneuvers with real facts and action. If you are hurt in a commercial trucking accident we will:

  • Build a case based on the damages you have suffered
  • Use our legal experience in court to argue for your priorities
  • Advocate for you in every contact with the insurer's legal team

Negligence on the part of a commercial shipper is common. They can employ inexperienced drivers, force them on improper routes or overload their trucks beyond a controllable weight.

Your Point Of View — Your Voice — Will Be Respected

We do what we must to get our clients through these difficult times. Get in touch with us for a consultation with a lawyer on your side by calling at 724-653-6906 or by using this online form. We meet with clients when it works for them, nights or weekends at any of our four locations, including New Castle and Beaver.