We've Been In Your Shoes

Family law cases are often extremely difficult because they involve issues of foundational importance: your family, your children, your relationships, your finances. The outcome of your case can shape your future for a long time to come. Without professional legal guidance, you may soon find yourself floundering in the complexities of the legal system.

At Medure Bonner Bellissimo, LLC, we understand what you're going through. Our family law attorney has been through divorce himself. He has been in your shoes, and by applying more than a decade of legal experience, he will help you reach the other side.

Fine-Tuning An Approach That Fits Your Family Law Concerns

When it comes to family law cases, it's important to take a step back and decide what you want at the end of the day. Staking out your priorities is the best way to develop a strategy that works for you.

Relying on extensive legal experience, our lawyers will help you make informed decisions in light of legal and economic realities. Our goal is to accomplish your goals within the constraints of your financial resources.

Ultimately, we'll help you fine-tune an approach that makes sense for your situation.

We're here to help you with any type of domestic relations issue you're facing, including:

You Are Our Focus

To learn more about how we can help you through this challenging time, contact us at our New Castle office or our three other locations in Western Pennsylvania by calling 724-653-6906.