Helping You Reduce Inheritance And Estate Taxes

A family member passing, whether it is sudden or long expected, will be difficult for you no matter what. What you may not be prepared for at this time, however, is the burden of resolving the inheritance tax assessment on your loved one's estate.

The attorneys of Medure Bonner Bellissimo, LLC, take a hands-on approach to taxation issues in estate administration. We are a small firm, so we know how much every single penny counts for you. We ensure estates are free and clear from tax liability, because we know how important that is to moving forward.

Degrees Of Inheritance Tax

In Pennsylvania, the inheritance tax is applied to each estate as it goes through probate. However, not all survivors receive the same assessment, because the law considers the proximity of your familial relationship. For example:

  • A spouse pays no state inheritance taxes.
  • Adult children pay 4.5 percent estate tax on the amount of their inheritance.
  • Siblings of the deceased pay a 12 percent inheritance tax rate.

Family relations that are further away would be subject to an even higher tax rate. As we process the return for the estate, we maximize the benefits of any available exemptions and exceptions.

Our job is to recover all the assets, identify all the debts and compile them. Once that compilation is complete, we do everything under the law to provide the maximum amount of tax savings as we file the estate tax return on your behalf. We will take care of all the details for you in this stressful time so you can focus on getting back to your life.

Sensitive Times Call For Caring Representation

Our firm is professional and well-regarded in the communities we serve. Our lawyers are considerate of your time, and we offer four locations throughout western Pennsylvania, including our New Castle office. We are available for nights and weekend meetings. Reach out to us today to get started by calling 724-653-6906 or using our online form.