Communication Is Key In Estate Disputes

Estate disputes can happen in any family. When a family member passes away without leaving a will — or if there are serious questions about the wishes of the deceased — families can become fractured. It is always hard to lose a loved one; falling into a painful argument in the aftermath makes these moments much worse.

The attorneys of Medure Bonner Bellissimo, LLC, have seen estate issues get out of control firsthand. We offer our personal experience and a promise of sincere, highly engaged level of service to resolve these painful questions.

Your Needs Come First

We need to have a comprehensive understanding of the situation to assist you. You have specific problems and need real answers. Knowledge is the first step for us to fully work with you on your issues. In your consultation we will review:

  • Your situation: your relation to the deceased, your standing in the will, the merits of your dispute under Pennsylvania law.
  • Your resources: Litigation is costly and can be lengthy. The decision to move forward may depend on what ability you have to persevere.
  • Your likely outcome: Measuring your resources and your situation we can determine the outcome of your case with a high probability.

The best solutions in an estate dispute may not come through the courtroom. These problems are exceedingly difficult. Our hope is to build a resolution that meets your needs and provides you with the closure and outcome you need to move forward.

Deep Ties Make For Strong Representatives

We build relationships with our clients. Our practice focuses on you and your needs, and we go after the best outcome for you. Contact us today to speak with a lawyer who makes a habit of personal service and open communication in estate litigation issues.

We place a premium on your time and convenience, so we will meet with you when it works for you. That could be nights or weekends, at our main New Castle office or any of our other three locations. Get started today by calling 724-653-6906.