What Happens After The Death Of A Loved One

When a loved one dies there are so many questions to be answered, but none are quite so difficult as this: What is next? What happens if there is no will or estate plan? Families struggling with a loss have many decisions to make, and they want to have legal advice they can trust.

The attorneys of Medure Bonner Bellissimo, LLC, are deeply connected with the communities we serve. From that commitment stems our promise to guide our clients past the difficult moments that come after someone they love has died. In estate administration law, the best outcome is one that eases the burdens for our clients.

Estate In Pennsylvania

Even if your loss was expected, there will be many pieces of business to tie up. The fact is that there really is no resolution, only hard work. Our practice works to take away your stress.

There are so many other things to worry about, let us take care of the estate details such as:

  • Inventorying the assets: We review and document all of the assets of the deceased, as well as all the debts and reconcile them in the probate process.
  • Duties as executor: We can advise you on the steps to take in estate administration to minimize the difficulty that your family is facing.
  • Distribution: Once debts are paid, the estate will be distributed to the beneficiaries either according to the decedent's will or Pennsylvania law.

We are here to help make this transition as easy on your family as possible. These legal burdens should not have to fall solely on you. Our decades of experience can help you move forward.

Rooted In Personal Service

We are a hands-on firm, and we take pride in that. Our lawyers will meet with you on the terms that work for you. We have four locations, including our main office in New Castle, and you can call to schedule an appointment at any of them by calling 724-653-6906 or using this online form.