Advocates In Your DUI Case

The stakes in a drinking and driving arrest can be enormously high. It can lead to license suspension, fines and imprisonment. A conviction can result in significant damage to your personal and professional reputation. In Pennsylvania, DUI offenses carry a mandatory minimum sentence. This means that the judge has no discretion concerning the sentence should you be found guilty. For this reason, you will want to have on your side a criminal defense attorney who will always strive for the best possible outcome.

Our lawyers at Medure Bonner Bellissimo, LLC, both have experience working as assistant district attorneys in Pennsylvania. This means we understand and can anticipate the approach that county attorneys will take when prosecuting your DUI matter. This understanding allows us to raise the appropriate defenses. It also provides us the opportunity to discuss with you the best method for approaching your case.

Protecting Your Rights In Court

Many considerations come into play in DUI cases. In defending you, we will take into account the manner of the arrest. Under the right circumstances, we can also challenge the results of blood or alcohol tests and field sobriety tests. At trial, we can cross-examine arresting officers to determine if there was probable cause for arrest. In all circumstances, we will fight to protect your rights.

Our lawyers are litigators. We thoroughly prepare every case for trial. Our experience as DUI and criminal defense attorneys puts us in the best position to guide and represent you through the entire process.

Modern Technology And The DUI Arrest

Breath and blood tests can determine the outcome of a DUI case. But that does not mean an arrest based upon Breathalyzer or blood tests will stand up in court. In handling evidence, arresting officers can make mistakes. This can include mistakes made in calibrating a Breathalyzer machine, or incorrect handling of a blood sample may lead to the wrong results.

We know how to challenge evidence in court. By raising the appropriate defenses, we can prevent misleading or inaccurate evidence from admission at trial. Our attorneys also work with investigators and expert witnesses who can testify on your behalf.

We Are Here To Serve You

When facing a DUI arrest, please do not try to represent yourself in court. The costs of a conviction are too high. Please contact our office by calling 724-653-6906 to set up an appointment.